Follow These Tips And Avoid Asphalt Scams

At the start of every year we receive reports of scammers doing the rounds in the local area.

These are groups of supposed asphalt paving companies in Virginia.

They will knock at your door and make you an offer that you can’t refuse.

But refuse them you should, or you – and your wallet – could live to regret it!

Here’s how to spot the telltale signs of a classic asphalt scam.


Trust us, no genuine and reputable asphalt paving contractor operating in Virginia is likely to be touting for trade by knocking on doors.

Especially in high season, the respectable driveway paving contractor will be far too busy to be going door to door, trying to drum up business.

And even on the rare occasion that a genuine company does knock at your door, they won’t be talking your hind leg off trying to get you to part with money there and then.

A serious company will drop you their leaflet and maybe exchange a word or two. That will be it.

They won’t launch into a longwinded sales pitch at unsuspecting homeowners.


Think about it, if a complete stranger came up to you anywhere else – let alone banging on your front door – and offered to sell you something that was leftover, you would be unlikely to take it.

For example, you wouldn’t get a butcher knocking on your door and selling his “leftover meat” would you?

So then why on earth would you think that a genuine asphalt paving contractor in Virginia would come and bother you in your own home, asking if you wanted someone else’s driveway!

But this is exactly what these scammers are doing. They are approaching homeowners and claiming to have some ‘spare’ asphalt from another job.

Trust us, no actual asphalt paving company in Virginia (or anywhere!) ever has enough leftover asphalt to pave an entire driveway with!

It would represent incredibly poor planning on their part if they did.

Anyone insisting they have “leftover asphalt” is a scammer – pure and simple.


Another thing to look out for and one that is common to all classes of scammer is the high pressured sales pitch.

Successful contractors do not need to browbeat their customers into making a sale. Their reputation will cement the deal.

They will simply give you the relevant details and then allow you to make up your own mind.

If someone is giving you the spiel and then stating that the deal they are offering is only available for a short time – then give them the brush off.


Only giving an oral quote or contract is another classic hallmark of a hustler.

Respectable companies will always give you a contract in writing, clearly stating what work they are undertaking.

Don’t part with any money until you have something official, in writing.


A driveway re-paving is a big job and it doesn’t come cheap.

Although there may be some companies that are happy to accept cash payments, they shouldn’t insist on payment in this way.

Anyone demanding cash only is nearly always suspect and it usually means that they are unofficial at best and scammers, at worse.

Also, never hand over payment before a job has been done.


As well as demanding cash payments – most probably upfront – another thing that should set alarm bells ringing is the fantastically low price.

Sadly, in this world you get what you pay for and nowhere is this more true than with paving companies.

Put shortly, if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Remember, if someone knocks on your door and offers you a super cheap asphalt driveway, it is unlikely to be genuine!