Styling The Smaller Bathroom

How to deal with the smaller rooms in your remodeling project can sometimes prove more difficult than the larger ones.

And especially if you are creating a granny flat or perhaps working on an extension, you might find yourself with a smaller than average bathroom.

Here are our style tips for your small bathroom that will wow and awe your guests.


Before doing anything else, you should decide what it is that you actually need from your bathroom.

Is it going to be used by the whole family? Or is it just part of an en suite?

Is it solely for use by a guest? Or perhaps it is part of a granny flat, which will be used by an elderly parent?

Once you have ascertained who is going to be using it, then you can decide the absolute basics of what it should contain (i.e. bath or shower, easy access etc).


Smaller rooms often benefit from the use of sliding doors rather than traditional ones.

These can save precious space in a small room, when compared to a ‘normal’ door that eats up the inches.


A common mistake is to think that a small room must be a bland one.

It does not.

In fact, painting a smaller room pure white is probably the worst thing you can do.

Smaller bathrooms in particular are improved massively by the creative use of patterning.

It shouldn’t necessarily take up every square inch of the room, but some bold tiling across one wall can create the wow factor you desire and stop the eye dwelling on the smallness of the space.


One way of maximizing space is to open out the shower tray into the whole room.

Getting a waterproof floor installed and turning the whole surface into part of the shower unit can give an uncluttered approach, to the smaller bathroom.


Lighting is key to the success of any room, but it is especially essential to one which is smaller than average.

Wherever possible, it should have as much natural light as it can do.

This means maximizing window potential and perhaps choosing options such as frosted glass or solar shades, instead of heavy drapes which block all natural daylight out.

When it comes to lighting, keep it as ambient as possible – we would recommend LEDs and small lights placed at regular intervals.

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